City Mail Service is a Finnish company that has operated in the Capital Region since 1988 specialising in delivery and courier services throughout the country.

City Mail Service provides you with a full range of delivery and courier services. If you so desire, we will also handle various errands and purchases on your behalf. Our couriers will readily deal with bank errands, empty post office boxes as well as handle legalisations and run errands on your behalf, for example, at embassies and agencies. If necessary, we will also request signatures for agreements on your behalf. You can turn to us in any matter, no matter how small.

Our starting point is to provide our customers and their customers with excellent service. Our operations cover the Greater Helsinki economic area as well as the larger towns and municipalities. We also deliver shipments between Turku and Helsinki daily. The most reliable courier service is at your disposal between the biggest towns in Finland each and every weekday.

State and local government administration institutions, banks, advertising agencies, travel agents, banking companies, design offices and even private individuals are our customers.

We are not afraid of responsibility, but deliver documents to judicial administration offices and transplant organs to operating theatres. No delivery is just another job for us. On the contrary, we always carry out every assignment we receive diligently until it is completed.

Your shipments are delivered registered quickly and reliably from sender to recipient. You can see the exact pickup and delivery time of the shipment and, of course, the recipient´s acknowledgement of receipt on the dispatch form or in our Extranet service.

Even though some of our customers operate abroad or in other parts of Finland, we respond to every customer's needs as best we can.